Get own AS number and IP network

Our company Vissado s.r.o is a local registrar of networks (LIR) for all Europe. We are one of the largiest LIRs maintaining over 500 Autonomous systems. Information about us you can find on the RIPE NCC website –

Fees for registration :

We register autonomous systems for one-time payment of 150 EURO. We offer registration of IPv6 addresses. For one time fee of 350 Euro you can get Provider independent /48 IPv6 network. Also we can offer you lease of IPv4 network, for more information, please contact us at

BGP configuration service
Upon registration of an autonomous system, you can take advantage of our experience with BGP protocol. We offer BGP routing configuration based on Linux, CISCO or Mikrotik platform.
For a one-time payment of 300 EURO we will configure your equipment and during the first month will assist in configuration changes. Take advantage of our experience !

You can find some interesting configuration examples from BGP world on our blog :

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