Splynx ISP Framework

Splynx is a software framework created for Internet service providers and network administrators. You can get more information on product website – https://splynx.com

Splynx provides many useful things as billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, client portal and many more. Main benefit is how the system can be customized – Splynx provides the easy way to create additional modules or integrate with 3rd party software solutions. This is achieved because of system design. Splynx is a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (API), that’s why we call it Framework. For administrator it means almost unlimited possibility to customize the software.

We are official reseller of Splynx ISP Framework. Also we create custom modules for framework based on ISP requirements. For getting more information please visit –  https://splynx.com

Below are examples of usage Splynx in ISP networks.

Mikrotik API and Radius implementation in Large WISP network

IP address management

Hotspot prepaid vouchers