IT consulting

1. Trainings
We provide official certified trainings of Mikrotik  :

  • MTCNA training – associate level Mikrotik Certified training
  • MTCRE and MTCTCE – routing and traffic control Mikrotik Certified training
  • MTCINE – MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer
  • MTCWE – wireless Mikrotik Certified training for WISPs

2. Consulting and IT outsource

BGP and IGP routing optimization. BGP protocol is not very smart. When something wrong is happening inside AS of our peering partner, our BGP routers has no clue. BGP attributes don’t tell us about failure somewhere between source and destination outside our AS. That’s why simple BGP interconnection is not enough today to have stable uplink routing. We are providing smart solutions for BGP optimization and help our customers to build stable uplink connections. OSPF or IS-IS is widely used in ISP networks. We are suggesting optimization of IGP design and help our customers with implementation of changes.

Software development outsource. We are developing custom modules for Splynx ISP Framework software, more about this product you can find here –

Caching services engine. In countries with expensive uplinks caching servers should be installed. Our caching solution saves up to 30% of uplink traffic.

Network optimization.Part of our team are recognized network experts and we run optimization projects of routing, switching, wireless and security in customer networks.

Our team uses different technologies and vendors to provide High level services. Selection of vendor also depends on actual tasks and IT strategy of the company.

3. Technology we use

Routers – we work with Cisco ISR series routers in medium size enterprises and deploy ASR Cisco routers in Large enterprises and datacenters. For small enterprises and WISPs we suggest Mikrotik CCR routers, UBNT devices and routers from Mikrotik RB series.

Switches – generally we deploy Cisco 29xx and 36xx in access and distribution level of Campus architecture. In large installations we us Cisco chassis as 65xx or stackable switches from Cisco 38xx models. For lower budget installation we deploy HP Pro-curve switches and Cloud-Swithches from Mikrotik.

Security – Security is most important part in today’s world of IT. We start deploying security in all routers and switches including central authentication, password management, proper ACL configurations. The most important part of security is a proper Firewall. Firewall is not just a blocking of some TCP or UDP ports, we deploy Next-Generation Firewalls from Cyberoam and Cisco ASA series. With NGFW we can control the whole perimeter of customer’s network including Web firewall, IPS, Email and HTTPS scanning, Application prioritization and blocking and many more.

Collaboration – Our favorite solutions for collaboration are based on Asterisk platform – Elastics and 3CX. For customers who have their network built on Cisco equipment we suggest solution based on Cisco Call Manager.

Wireless – We can build any size Wi-Fi network on Mikrotik equipment or Cisco Meraki. Also we can share our experience from building point to point/point to multipoint links on technologies from Racom, Alcoma, Cambium, UBNT and Radwin.