Mikrotik MPLS implementation issues

We are running MPLS on RouterOS for over one year and still I’m getting new errors in MPLS implementation on RouterOS. Below is a list of all issues, I’ve found (versions < 6.33) : 1. The main problem is separation of VRFs. RouterOS is a linux based system and all VRF tables are linux routing[…]

Mikrotik EOIP and L2TP over Cisco NAT

I had a small task to connect two branch offices of a customer, one in Cape and second in JHB. Unfortunately JHB is not part of our MPLS network and has two Uplink connections, each 1 Mbps with Serial interfaces. When I was studying for CCNP I got a lot of Serial links tasks but[…]

BGP on Mikrotik

First of all I would like to say that BGP configuration on Mikrotik can be made with CLI and Winbox/Webadmin. I recommend to use CLI with BGP, because this protocol contains a lot of routes and display them in Winbox is painful. Let’s assume that our AS number is – AS12345, IP address is –,[…]